The Present Privacy Policy (the Policy) shall be applicable to any and all members who have activated CiC Mobile App pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of CiC Mobile App. CiC reserves the right to revise and/or update the Policy at its sole discretion in the exact same conditions as those applicable to the revision/update of the Terms and Conditions of CiC Mobile App.


Active user consents that we may use his/her personal data for the account creation, including, but not limited to your phone number, name, unit trust subscription, email, personal and corporate address, gender, contact, occupation, social media account (if any) and other relevant data…. . If you reject to provide us with the required personal data, you may not be allowed to use our Mobile Application and Platform. In such a case, you shall deactivate your account and delete our Mobile Application from your device.
We collect your personal data which shall include but not limited to creating and logging into your account to use our Mobile App, filling forms including inquires, questionnaires, unit trust subscription requests and other requests on our Mobile App, and contacting us, and other relevant personal data…….. . We may also collect other data that may deem necessary to provide active user with good service of our Mobile Application and Platform.


By providing us your personal data, you voluntarily consent that we are entitled to use your personal data for the following purposes.:

Upon activating your account, we are entitled to us your personal data and other relevant information in order to:

  • Treat your request in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for the use of our Mobile Application;….
  • Send you notification/message of any update/change of our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy;
  • Process your data in the manner and at the limit necessary for the good functioning of the Mobile App and Platform;
  • Proceed offline, your online application for unit trust subscription;
  • Use your personal data to improve the safety and reliability of our services provided in our Mobile Application and Platform. This includes detecting, preventing, and responding to fraud, abuse, security risks, and technical issues that may harm other active users, our Mobile Application and Platform.


We may share your personal data with our business partners and third-party to whom we transfer the management of our Mobile Application and Platform. For this regard, they can reach out you directly on our behalf.
We may disclose your personal data to our service providers for performing our relevant requested services, provided that we will ask for your consent if the use of your personal data is not covered under the terms of this Privacy Policy.
We ensure the transparency with respect to any lawful requests by authorities to access your personal data.
For safety purpose, your collected personal data may be held in the servers in foreign country, provided that the privacy protection of your personal data shall be ensured in accordance with the law of the relevant jurisdiction.


We will retain your personal data for the necessary period to accomplish our purposes and business objectives as outline in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. During this period, we are committed to ensure the protection and security of your personal data from theft or other unauthorized accesses. We commit to be technologically updated and to use appropriate, administrative tools and procedure to protect your personal data. However, we will not be responsible for any damages or consequences beyond our control as the result of unauthorized access of your personal data.
Active user is required to report us immediately in case the security of your account is being in danger.
When you have updated your personal data and deleted some of your personal data, we will follow rule and procedure for safety deletion of your personal data. Your deleted personal data will be emptied from our servers or retained solely in anonymized form. We are committed to ensure the protection of your personal data from any accidental deletions that do not result from your action. Please note that there may be the time gap between your deletion of personal data and complete remove from our servers.