Biz Solution is a mobile & web apps consultation and development company. We are full of experiences of providing a wide range of services including mobile application development, web application system and e-commerce platform to every business and organization. We work with heart and accountability to focus on our client’s benefit and social responsibility. Biz Solution was founded in 2011 under co-founders’ vision as seeing the great opportunities in the new technology world. With a clear vision, what we do is to bring out creative and innovative digital solutions to our clients which help to grow their business dramatically. To bring the best for clients, Biz Solution, we are full of teams with unparalleled experiences to deliver our clients to meet what they need.

(MOU signing ceremony between CiC & Platform & Oxfam Cambodia with a mutual vision to help social entrepreneurs grow sustainable through BIO's new Social Enterprise Accelerator Program.)

[SIGNING CEREMONY ON MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN GGEAR GROUP & CAMBODIA INVESTOR CLUB ASSOCIATION] With two-year experience running the business accelerator program to more than 180 entrepreneurs, BIO Program will be a good strategic partner to provide and enhance the content for the Young Leader Program. In this collaboration, GGear will recruit three main sources of prospects, which include their senior managers, the potential dealers, and the franchisee.)

(MOU signing ceremony on)

a collaborative platform for angel groups and other early stage ecosystem players operating within ASEAN member countries to cooperate and work together on activities of mutual benefit. AAA also has members located in Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore & Mekong Angel Investor Network.