How to become a member

Cambodia Investor Club Association (CiC) is the first local initiative investment platform that provides equity and debt financing to SMEs. For our membership, CiC doesn’t offer to the public. To become CiC member, interested candidates have to join our BIO Program and CAIN Program.

BIO Program is a Six-Month intensive curriculum and Activities, including capacity development, company diagnose, mentoring Session, BIO boot camp, and BIO pich day, for Small and Medium Businesses in Cambodia.

CAIN Program is an angel investor development program, covering a Five-month intensive curriculum and various activities, including joint study trips, investment pitches, startup pitches, evaluation of the business, and networking with experienced local and international business angels.

Candidates will be required to fill in the details carefully in our online application form like education, personal, communication, etc. It will take around 5 min to complete the application form. After submit the application, you will get the confirmation email shortly.


After the completion of the online application process, candidates will call for interviewing. In the Interviewing, we willing to know about the candidate capacity, knowledge, background, and their expectation from our Program.

For candidates who pass the interviewing, they will receive the invitation email from CiC team to sign on some legal document and make payment. We provide two options of payment for the candidate:
– Full payment
– Half and half payment


There are two types of CiC Members, associate member & qualified member. After finished BIO & CAIN program, participants will become associate member for 1 year. Participants will also have an opportunity to convert themselves from associate member to qualified member by purchasing a minimum amount of shares (determined by CiC). For those who don’t want to convert to qualified member, they can renew their membership as associate member for 1 more year.

BIO Program is a business accelerator program founded by Cambodia Investor Club (CiC) in 2018 with an aim to catapult local SMEs to the next level by giving entrepreneurs the access to capacity development program, mentorship, consultation and opportunities to get investment funds.
1. Capacity Development
2. Company Diagnose
3. Mentoring Session
4. BIO Boot Camp
5. BIO Pitch Day

CAIN Program is an angel investment network initiated by Cambodia Investors Club Association (CiC) with the aim to promote the development of angel investment by providing investment program for business angels through investor education program and investment gateway.
1. Introductory workshops
2. Investment pitches/deals
3. Reflection Sessions
4. Joint activities with Business Accelerator Program
5. Investor Boot Camp

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