Mr. Kuy Vat

Thanks to every member who contributes in our growth… Cambodia Investor Club (CiC) initiated with the idea to support every SMEs owners to own the privilege to Access to Finance, Connection and Network with experienced business owners and top senior professionals, to share their success stories, be part of solution, knowledge and experiences among each other. Our organization is a combination of four components whereas; community, where our members able to share and to expand their business sustainability and development as well as growth both in term of financial and capacity development for our members, also their staffs to participant in and to build up their ability as well as capacity. Communication, between all members through various channels including personal conversation, face to face, by phone, and other online social media tools to transfer information to our members to get the most up to date information, to get access to the most up to date with us. Information by spreading the most up to date, useful resources and documents among our members to get access to, and can use them to have the access to the information that they can have to use in their company. And, Innovation by initiating and designing the newest technique with the new research idea and development of CiC Management team to allow the benefits of accessing and to share to our members with the latest design for our members. All the mentioned above, are happened smoothly by every minor contribution from you as our family members to keep growing and reach the goal of us to go Beyond Investment Opportunity.