Success Story

“We are happiness makers” InBizNest Plc envisions to become the most respected, innovative and profitable mobile phone distributor in Cambodia and Asian region. Established in 2017, InBizNest Plc is a mobile phone shop company and tries to build happiness to its Factory Worker Client by cooperating financially with strategic partner.
"Raising children with kind hearts, big dreams, and full of talents" SHICHIDA Child Education (Cambodia) Ltd. has been established since 2017. It is a Japanese franchise brought in by Mrs. Sar Montha, a woman entrepreneur who commits to make positive change to her home country through the development of talented kids using SHICHIDA Method. SHICHIDA Method, founded by Professor Makoto SHICHIDA, is Japan's renowned early childhood education focusing on building attitude and brain development for young children, aged 6 months old to 6 years old. It is a proprietary right-brain training system with more than 40 years of research and over 35 years of track record in Japan and many other countries in Asia and Western countries.
Year of investment: 2020 Status: current portfolio
Mega Leasing Plc. is a financial leasing institution established and registered in the Ministry of Commerce in 2013. With its vision to be a leading financial lease service provider in Cambodia, Mega Leasing Plc. tries to provide fast financial leasing service as hire-to-purchase to local consumers and businesses such as motor vehicles, electronic equipment & household appliances, furniture and agricultural equipment & machinery.
Nileda Co., Ltd Year of investment: N/A Status: Exit (2018)